Top 10 characteristics of a great leader

Jean Macedo

characteristics of a great leader
What is a leader? What is leadership? And how do I really lead my team? These are question that people make all the time, if you google it for answers, you’ll probably find several thousands results, but what is the answer? In order to answer that question, we have to start from basics.

Answer a very simple question: Who is your leader? Who do you follow? What makes you follow them? Begin to study them, list the traits that make them a great leader.
In my case I listed some characteristics of people that I consider a leader. Traits that I really like about them and try to replicate myself. Here we go:
1 – Centered – Leaders can’t be knocked of base, they must decide, not react.
2 – Aware – Leaders should recognize people’s patterns, how they respond. What trigger their responses.


3 – Create solutions – Leaders must look at a bigger picture. Look for solutions, for ways to do things that weren’t done before. Be creative.
4 – Evaluate risks – They should identify and evaluate risks.
5 – Stimulate – Leaders should be able to create sense of urgency, get the team into action.
6 – Intuition – Great leaders should trust their feelings.
7 – Motivate people – They should have their team motivated, engage them.
8 – Achieve results – Successful managers must active results. They are responsible for getting the team members to buy into the project and produce results.
That is just what I think. I built this list based on my own leaders and experience. Yours might be different, but the key is to replicate the traits that you admire on your leaders.
Don’t be ashamed to have a mentor, all great leaders had a mentor. Don’t think that you know everything. The beauty of life is to learn something new everyday. Be curious, ask questions and have a passion for what you do.
I hope it helps, at least helped me.

Thank you

Jean Macedo



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