Efficient Marketing – 10 ideas that will help you improve your marketing results

Jean Macedo, Dec 2012

10 ideas to improve your marketing resultsMarketing as we know it has changed. Year after year marketing has been transforming, or shifting from printed media to digital online media. Direct mail and cold calling are declining. There is nothing more efficient for Real-Time results than Social Medias. Social Media is, now, the dominant platform for two-way communication and feedback. It’s taking the relation between customer and company to new different level. Marketers have more access to online data. People in general have everyday less privacy and their demands for real-time communication are increasing.

These changes may look unique, but the truth is that marketing has been changing since it started. TV and Radio advertising at some point were something new. Everyday new ideas pop up, approaches and demands change. We still have a lot of changes to see.

Below I listed 15 ideas that changed marketing forever. Hope you enjoy.


Today, customers reviews and ratings are extremely important as a reference for potential customers before buying a product or service. Online landscape made it easier than ever.

Research estimates that almost 80% of customers are looking for reviews and ratings before purchase. Yelp!, Google and Amazon are some of the most used platforms for reviews and ratings.

Amazon plays an important role on it. It reviews are controlled to not become advertising for sellers. Customers Reviews are all about trust.


EBooks is a digital book designed for electronic devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Every day technology is more affordable and simple. Marketers are taking advantage of this now simple technology and are creating EBooks to generate leads and content. Therefore helping them educate readers and create engagement.


Since its invention, Internet opened up two-way communication channel. Internet cut expenses and limitations of the production and distribution of information. The old chat rooms and ICQ are the past. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube are the present.

Who knows what the future holds but the reality is that Social marketing changed marketing forever.

4 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engines are a very valuable resource for conducting product research. Search Engines are the number one business referral. Newspaper and magazine advertising are loosing its value because of the search engines. Business are building websites to get found by customers online, and are hiring search engine optimization (SEO) services to promote them.

Search Engine Optimization is a effective way to get more traffic to your website and also improve the quality of the traffic. Just be aware that traffic without useful content to support is worthless.


An inbound link is nothing more than a link from one site to another. It will help increase your position on search engines if the site that is linking to yours has a high page hank. Create relevant links to your website is not something that you should take for granted.

But creating links for your website, is not something that you have complete control over. Its a decision of the website link to you or not. Any effort on inbound marketing will take time and dedication.

Blogging and working your PR are some good ways to attract inbound links.

6 – PPC (paid per click)

Paid per click, or just PPC, is a way of advertising which the advertiser pays when their banner or ad is clicked. It’s a good way to have exposure on the keywords selected and it’s fit on virtually any budget. Here is how it works.

You open your account on Google or Bing; choose the keywords that you want to target; select your target; create your ad; set your budget and that’s it. If you decided to pay $1 per click and set a budget of $30 daily, when your ad reaches 30 clicks (it means that at least 30 people will visit your landing page) Google or Bing will take it out for the day. Next day it starts all over again.

PPC is a good way to maximize your coverage on the search results page.


The term Podcast was originated from combining “pod” from IPod and “cast” from broadcast. Podcast is a digital media content, most cases audio, which people can subscribe or download.

Listening to podcasts can be directed to educational purposes or just entertainment. Podcast is very affordable and also a great way to promote a product or service. Customers can listen to the content almost everywhere: car, phone, computer…

Just pay attention on the content of the podcast. Make sure it’s interesting for a good amount of people, because invest your time producing and releasing a podcast for no one is a waste of time.


Email is revolutionary as a communication tool. Email was created prior to the Internet, as we know, and it is one of the most popular online activities.

Email marketing is the distribution of marketing messages to a large quantity of potential customers. Email marketing is a powerful advertising tool and also ROI measurable.

Smartphones made even better to email marketing, now people can really read their emails on the run, therefore the number of email opened increased drastically.

Just be careful to not transform your email marketing campaign on something inconvenient.


A/B Testing, also know as split testing is a way of testing different marketing variables and compare which one brigs a better response.

Sometimes a few adjusts on your landing page or emails may increase or decrease the number of leads to your website. After an A/B Test you will be able to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages and email campaigns.


Information is spreading today like never before. A YouTube video can get millions of views overnight. A Facebook post can be shared by thousands of millions also very fast.

Today the ability to share online content is like never before. Don’t forget to add share icons on your blog posts, email communications, web pages, etc. If your content is engaging, you’ll have more chances to succeed online.

Good ideas are never too much. If you want change your results, you should change your approach.

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