Top 10 characteristics of a great leader

Jean Macedo

characteristics of a great leader
What is a leader? What is leadership? And how do I really lead my team? These are question that people make all the time, if you google it for answers, you’ll probably find several thousands results, but what is the answer? In order to answer that question, we have to start from basics.

Answer a very simple question: Who is your leader? Who do you follow? What makes you follow them? Begin to study them, list the traits that make them a great leader.
In my case I listed some characteristics of people that I consider a leader. Traits that I really like about them and try to replicate myself. Here we go:
1 – Centered – Leaders can’t be knocked of base, they must decide, not react.
2 – Aware – Leaders should recognize people’s patterns, how they respond. What trigger their responses.




The Strategic Planning Process

Jean Macedo

Strategic planning frequently makes difference between a company’s success and failure. Strategic planning has formed the foundation of many core management decisions.

Boone and Kurts on the book Contemporary Business highlighted six steps that a successful strategic planner should follow: defining a mission, assessing the organization’s competitive position, setting organizational objectives, creating strategies for competitive position, setting organizational objectives, creating strategies for competitive differentiation, implementing the strategy, and evaluating the results and refining the plan.

Defining the mission

The first step in strategic planning, define the mission means to translate the company’s vision into a mission statement. A mission statement is a written explanation of a business intentions and objectives. It is a supporting statement of purpose, emphasizing how it operates, the market it seeks to serve and the way it will attempt to do it. A mission statement guides the actions of the employees and announces the company’s reasons for existence.




Using Facebook to boost your business

Learn how Facebook can help you active your business goals.

Jean Macedo, Nov. 2011
What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social network for connecting people with those around them. Facebook started in 2004 as a closed community for college students but has since expanded beyond that to schools, corporations, and any user across the world. Facebook allows users to connect and share information in a variety of ways.

Is it really important?
According to Facebook official statistics, they have over 800million active users, more than 50% of Facebook’s active users log on to Facebook in any given day and an average user has 130 friends. Facebook statistic also shows that there are more than 900 million objects that people interact with like pages, groups, events and community pages. And average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events.
So are still thinking that your customers aren’t using Facebook?




Efficient Marketing – 10 ideas that will help you improve your marketing results

Jean Macedo, Dec 2012

10 ideas to improve your marketing resultsMarketing as we know it has changed. Year after year marketing has been transforming, or shifting from printed media to digital online media. Direct mail and cold calling are declining. There is nothing more efficient for Real-Time results than Social Medias. Social Media is, now, the dominant platform for two-way communication and feedback. It’s taking the relation between customer and company to new different level. Marketers have more access to online data. People in general have everyday less privacy and their demands for real-time communication are increasing.

These changes may look unique, but the truth is that marketing has been changing since it started. TV and Radio advertising at some point were something new. Everyday new ideas pop up, approaches and demands change. We still have a lot of changes to see.

Below I listed 15 ideas that changed marketing forever. Hope you enjoy.


Today, customers reviews and ratings are extremely important as a reference for potential customers before buying a product or service. Online landscape made it easier than ever.


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